Procter & Gamble’s Hispanic Strategy Milly Santana of XL Alliance recently interviewed Bain Massey of Procter & Gamble about the consumer product goods company’s Hispanic strategy.

1. What do you consider have been the most relevant strategies that P&G has put into place to increase and retain the Hispanic market during the recent years?

Bain Massey, P&G: Hispanic consumers are essential for P&G’s business as U.S. Hispanics are leading both U.S. population growth, with 40 percent growth vs. 10 percent growth of the total U.S. population. In addition, U.S. Hispanic buying power will rise from $1 trillion in 2010 to $1.5 trillion in 2015. P&G will continue to win with Hispanic consumers by investing in in-depth consumer and shopper understanding, leading with ethnic to design for NA, getting top retailers enrolled and leveraging scale to drive scale and sufficiency.

2. What are some of the opportunities for improvement that you see brands and retailers should consider in order to continue to grow the Hispanic market. What would you like to see retailers improve to make this happen in a more effective way?

Massey: P&G is making significant progress at expanding our brand offerings to Hispanic consumers by enrolling retailers to close their U.S. Hispanic share gaps by utilizing our brands. Center store categories represent an outstanding opportunity for growth with Hispanic consumers. U.S. Hispanic consumers over-index on the purchase and usage of many household and beauty categories. P&G and retailers can work together to offer Hispanic consumers products that are appealing to them, in the right sizes and variants, and shelved according to the way they want to shop. Air care is an excellent example of a category that is overdeveloped among Hispanics as Hispanics have specific preferences on scents and designs on products they use at home. We knew we had an opportunity to help our customers grow their air care category by leveraging the U.S. Hispanic opportunity. We did significant analysis to understand the category, the shopper and the opportunities, borrowed with pride from our Mexico work and were able to sell in specific SKUs that are top performers. Another opportunity is appealing to the sensorial nature of a majority of our U.S. Hispanic shoppers. Utilizing in-store elements such as sensorial shelf talkers, scent strips, and eye-catching graphics allow both P&G and retailers to capture the interest and sales of this important growing consumer group.

3. What other multicultural brand efforts are included in P&G’s strategy?

In addition to our single brand multicultural efforts, we leverage multibrand multicultural scale platforms such as "Orgullosa" ("Proud”) that win the hearts and minds of our multicultural consumers and drive scale and sufficiency of our brands. Orgullosa is a Latina-inspired and brand enabled campaign that provides head-to-toe beauty and household solutions for Latinas, who today represent more than half of all Hispanic women living in the U.S. The campaign engages consumers across multiple touch points, including the website, a virtual community that provides her with solutions via tips and advice from Latina experts and product use recommendations, print advertising in key U.S. Hispanic magazines, and influencer and consumer outreach with engagement events in key Hispanic markets.