Spanish-language Twitter Tool Helps Better Engage Hispanics

HipLogiq has launched a Spanish-language version of its social media application SocialCompass. The tool helps businesses use Twitter to find shoppers when they are looking for a product or service.
With the Spanish-language version, retailers and other companies can reach some of the most avid users of social media. Not only do Hispanics frequently log onto social media sites, they are twice as likely to share content or click on shared content as non-Latino consumers. They also access Twitter to find advice and discounts.

For example, they might tweet about wanting an airline ticket. By using the Spanish version of SocialCompass, companies can find those tweets and can respond directly in Spanish, in real time, with an incentive to convert the consumer into a customer.

“At a time when Twitter is hoping to expand and engage its base, our software gives people worldwide another reason to increase their activity on the micro blogging site," says Jason Dove, HipLogiq VP of sales. “Studies tell us that Hispanic consumers are highly influential on social media. SocialCompass’ new Spanish version offers companies a new tool to reach out to engage the Hispanic community – both in and outside of the United States.”

Dove noted that in Phoenix, Dunkin’ Donuts has already been very successful with a SocialCompass coffee giveaway campaign, and they are ready to reach into their Spanish-speaking market to grow their customer base.

Jorge Cadena, president of SmartMarketing, which deals with travel clients, said SocialCompass allows marketers to pinpoint their target customers. “If I place an ad for a client, I don’t know who is going to see the ad or who is going to buy the product. With SocialCompass, I know exactly who is looking for my client’s product. Then my client can interact directly with the customer and provide an offer immediately.”

Cadena does business with several Mexican travel agencies and two popular Cancun tourist attractions that just launched a number of SocialCompass campaigns. “I’ve been using the English version of SocialCompass for a year, and now I can expand the market for my clients and find Spanish-speaking customers too,” he said.

SocialCompass works by scouring Twitter according to industry, key words and location. It flags relevant quotes in real time, when a consumer specifically tweets about needing a product or service. A business can then reach out directly to that person with a discount. Once the consumer downloads the discount, his or her contact information is entered into a database. A couple of days later the software automatically delivers an email to that consumer with an incentive to share the offer on Facebook and Twitter.

HipLogiq said conversion rates average 34%, although in some sectors, such as quick serve restaurants and casual dining, conversion rates are higher than 100%. The traditional direct mail conversion rates are 1% to 3%.