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Tecate Debuts Latest TV Spot During the Presidential Debate

Taking a light hearted look at Donald Trump’s proposed solution to immigration dilemmas, “The Wall’ ad targets the general market for the first time.

Tecate Light debuted its latest national commercial on September 26 during the first presidential debate. Titled “The Wall,” the spot marks the first time the “manly” Mexican beer brand has targeted the general U.S. market.

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The ad first aired on Fox News, Univision and Telemundo. It features brand protagonist the Black Eagle as it flies over a small Mexican border town separated from the United States by a wall. The commercial initially implies that the wall is a towering structure that runs in either direction for miles. But it later reveals that it is just 3-feet tall, the perfect height for friends, such as a group of young bi-cultural Hispanics from the U.S. and Mexicans from Mexico, to rest their Tecate’s on.

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“Tecate is using beer as the great unifier in developing a fun, lighthearted and clever commercial where friends from two bordering countries share a couple of Tecates over a wall,” said Tecate vice president Felix Palau. “With this spot, Tecate is acknowledging an ongoing conversation, while raising a glass to beer’s uncanny ability to bring people together in a positive way.”

The spot marks the first time Tecate has marketed to the general market, while continuing to target its core Hispanic customers. “The wall issue is important to our Millennial target consumers,” said Jennifer Weiss, vice president, director, Mediavest | Spark. “Whether liberal or more conservative, we knew people would be watching the first presidential debate to hear each candidate’s side. We couldn’t think of a better stage to serve Tecate’s message of unity.”